Part Two

Researching you destination before you go.
Many things I mentioned in the last post can be found out about your destination/s in advanced by doing some research from magazines or by using the best tool, the internet.

Many of you will be going on your trip wanting to come home with winning images that warrant being hung on your wall or selling them on your website etc. So its imperative to find out where those images can be shot.

My first port of call was my good old favourite which is a gold mine for checking out where to take a good shot. IN the screen shot below you can see if you type ‘Grand Canyon’ in the search bar you get 638,402 results which would take you years to browse through. I typically narrow my search by adding more ‘tags’ which are the searchable words that is associated with the photo. E.g. Grand Canyon Sunset Desert View. By adding the sunset and desert view tags I have narrowed the search to a more managable 296 photos.

It helps to narrow down certain spots that may or may not be worth visiting on your trip. If you’re lucky you’ll find photo descriptions that tell you the exact spot where the photo was taken and at what time of day.

Another important factor to consider when travelling abroad is to check the expected weather. There are many websites that will cater to this need and even tell the expected climate months in advance. Just do what I did and just Google your destination and the weather and start searching.

Besides the weather and where is the best location to take a photo, there are numerous other things to consider. Personal safety, access to certain areas, other traveller’s experiences, cost of entry to parks, buildings etc. All these things can be researched by looking up official websites of the cities, countries or districts you plan to visit. A popular global site is which has an extensive database of free travel guides, traveller experiences, photos and video, hotel and accommodation reviews.

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