Nicole and Billy were the lucky couple to be test subjects for my first Engagement Session in one of favourite spots to shoot, St Kilda. The weather was near perfect, not too cold, not blaring sun, just overcast with a strong sea breeze. Here is a small selection of images taken on the day, just click on the thumbnails to view larger.

A big thanks goes out to Nicole and Billy and my ring in assistant for the day Travis. Fun was had by all! Stay tuned for some Flash how too and some image critiques as well.

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5 Responses to “Nicole & Billy E-Session – Melbourne Wedding Photographer”

  1. Dan says:

    Brilliant work. The lighting is spot on. Would love to see how you lit these. For some reason, the first shot (top left) is my favourite, followed by the very natural second last row, second and third from the left.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Janet Palmer says:

    what a great session, love the variety :) some awesome locations! love the grass ones, they look so happy :)

  3. marcel says:

    Thanks guys, I have been learning, reading and practicing and I’m getting into my groove. Most shots were naturally lit by the overcast sky, but I used overhangs and buildings to give some direction to it. A handful are lit by dual Canon 580EX II flashes on a monopod held by VALS.

  4. Cristian says:

    Hi, i really like the 4th shot in front of the door….
    To get this kind of look did you use an action (photoshop…lightroom..aperture..) or did you tweak settings on your own?

    Thanks for your reply.

  5. marcel says:

    Hi Cristian. I used a preset that I developed myself in Lightroom. The shot was well lit with strong frontal light form the street and the overcast sky. The main adjustments are detail increase, lower saturation, increase vibrance, added green toning and warmed it up slightly.I hope that helps!

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