Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

As a client I’m sure there are many questions you have regarding your wedding coverage, so I have compiled a range of Frequently Asked Questions.

What coverage is included in your photography packages?

In all of my wedding photography collections the coverage of the wedding included in the price is the same, but with a slight variance on the reception coverage time, with the main differences being the additional printed products included. The coverage time includes the venue the bride will be getting dressed at with some portraits of the Bride with her Bridal party, the Grooms and Groomsmen location, the Ceremony itself, family photos, Bridal party photos, Bride & Groom Portrait Session and the allocated time at the reception. I don’t put a time limit on how many hours I photograph before the reception, because I’m interested in making sure your special day is covered properly. This will ensure there is a range of images that will tell your wedding day story.

How do you describe your shooting style?

The majority of the wedding day is shot as it happens in a photo journalistic, contemporary way to capture candid moments. As always there is that time after the ceremony I do family group shots as well as the Bridal Party and Bride and Groom formal portraits. More time allowed here will give you an extensive range of images for printing or photo book use. I do my best to pose you in a natural and comfortable way, so I promise I won’t make you do star jumps or something silly like that, but I might make you dance! I don’t expressly recommend you set aside twenty hours for photography, because you have guests waiting for you both and there is a party to be had; but by all means I’m open to suggestion if you have a particular concept in mind, so if you have any special requests feel free to ask.

How many photos do you take on the day?

I will take many photos on the day, sometimes into the thousands, but I will edit them down to a manageable amount. I will take that many to try different angles, compositions and to capture a moment that passes by in the blink of an eye. When I load the images on to my computer they are individually scrutinised for sharpness and overall quality and the ones with closed eyes or turned away heads are deleted. The best out of the sequence is chosen for the final cut to make your selection for printing much easier. For a wedding with all day coverage, you will at least receive 300-400 quality images to have printed or used in a photo book as I’m all about quality over quantity.

Do you include full high resolution digital files with your packages?

In today’s day and age over 70% of clients want the full resolution digital files to keep after their wedding day for the piece of mind as well the ability to print at anytime without delay. After I have processed all of your images they are copied to a quality custom USB Drive at high resolution that are suitable for printing at any print lab (The Deluxe Collection features lower resolution photos suitable to 4×6″ only). Despite having high resolution files it is recommended that you have any large prints (like 8×12″ or larger) or specialist mounts arranged through MV Photography to ensure that you get the best quality control, as colour accuracy and archival specification cannot be guaranteed with a shopping centre photo lab; trust me I have seen it in the flesh and have made comparisons. Once you receive your files you can reprint or share to your heart’s content as long as they are not used for commercial purposes by 3rd party vendors that attended your wedding.

Do you have backup equipment and how do you backup your images?

I will at least take two camera bodies (sometimes three) to a wedding and I rent any other specialty equipment required to do the job. Digital files can disappear as easily as pictures on film did in the old days so I am very careful with file handling. Files are progressively backed up during a wedding by my assistant to two hard-drives so the files are duplicated and safely transported back home. Once in front of the computer they are again transferred to another two hard-drives for working on. Once all the edits are completed they are burned to two DVD-ROMS, one for you the client and one for storage off site. The edited files are transferred to a large capacity backup drive and all other copies are then deleted. If you happen to loose your digital files I will always have access to a backup of least your JPEG files.

How do you process my photos and what degree of retouching do you do?

After I have made my edit I start processing the images in a photo management program that allows me to change numerous different aspects of the photograph. These include: exposure, white balance (colour correction for different lighting sources), contrast, colour saturation, black level, shadow and highlight recovery, colour mix, edge darkening (vignetting), basic blemish removal and more. All these adjustments are applied to every photograph to ensure you are getting a quality result ready to print. If you order further enlargements for printing or mounting, the images are further enhanced in Photoshop so the image will look great at a large size on your wall at home. Some photographers use presets or actions which are automatic treatments. I treat every image individually to get a quality, more personalised result for my clients. Before a large print is ordered I send you a digital proof first for evaluation to make sure you are happy with it.

How long do we wait for our photographs?

I always aim to get your photos back as soon as I possibly can, but being the perfectionist, each and every image is checked over and enhanced. To get your proof book and your image disc that will take up to six to eight weeks from the wedding date. After this point you select your images to be framed or mounted and that can take an extra three weeks or so after you make your selection depending on the work load and the mounting method selected. I will often post a few images on my blog a short while after the wedding (with your permission), so you and your family will have a sneak peek of the images (that’s always exciting). Photobooks can take 6-8 weeks depending on work load as they are painstakenly designed and then proofed before printing.

Do you have a second shooter option?

With every package booked (with exception on the A La Carte option), I will hire a second professional photographer, which adds an extra dimension to the final images presented to you. They always capture moments that are candid and pass by unnoticed. They also serve as an extra level of backup, capturing images when I’m changing lenses, replacing memory cards, or just even facing the other way. Just like myself, each second photographer I use is extremely experienced and will be paid through my business, so their fee is included in your package price, which also covers the extra time I spend editing their images.

Do you offer an Engagement Photography session or Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

As part of the premium Twice the Love Collection, you have an E-Session included, but is available as a separate product to add to any A La Carte option or collection. I highly recommend this part of the photography process as it gives you both opportunity to get to know me as a photographer and how I work, as well as give you some practice in front of the camera. The package includes a stunning 20×30″ Gallery Wrap (Canvas) print to display at the reception. In place of an E-Session you can book me to cover Rehearsals, Pre Wedding Ceremonies or Trash/Cherish the Dress Photo Sessions.

Do you charge travel fees for country Victoria and do you service interstate?

For weddings outside Greater Melbourne (anything usually a few hours away from home that will require overnight accommodation) I charge travel fees at cost to the client. I will firstly check pricing and get back to you with a quote, once approved I will invoice the amount. For Interstate weddings I will require two nights accommodation and flights. For further details contact me directly.

Do you offer Wedding Albums or Photo Books?

MV Photography offers a fantastic range of affordable coffee table style photo books, available in a range of colours, cover styles and sizes. These are better value than flush mount wedding albums as they always contain a larger number of pages for more images, so they better tell your wedding story. The book supplier I use have professional grade papers and binding techniques.

What happens if you can’t photograph our wedding after we have booked you?

I would have to be on death’s door not to attend a wedding I have booked previously, but due to any unforeseen circumstances I will find a suitable replacement for me so your package or price won’t change. I will still edit the images and deliver  what is specified in your wedding photography agreement. If required I can refund all monies if I can’t complete the job.

Can other guests take photos during the wedding?

Of course they can, I even encourage it, but I do ask they refrain from taking pictures during group and formal shots as their presence can distract people and you don’t get all of the people in the shot looking at the camera at the same time, even if I take the picture over 5 times. I will always take numerous frames in the hope to stop this problem and to avoid blinking eyes. When the bride and groom portraits are in progress, I can’t have another person snapping over my shoulder as this is distracting for me and the client. I will also be the only paid photographer at your wedding as well. Consider this article from a popular wedding blog Offbeat Bride.

Are you an Eco Friendly business?

That really isn’t a FAQ, but I’ll tell you anyway. Yes; I use a book supplier that only uses FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved papers, the photo lab I use has made a commitment to emission and waste reduction to reduce their carbon footprint. The wood they use in their canvas stretchers come from New Zealand farmed Pine Trees to minimise the environmental impact and to maintain excellent longevity. The product packaging are often recycled products where possible. I drive a car with low fuel consumption and I recycle!

Are you a registered business and are you insured?

My business is registered with the Australian Government.  My ABN is 35 078 573 401, my trading name is Marcel Vanderhorst Photography and I’m insured with AIS Insurance brokers for my equipment and public liability. So you can rest assured I’m a legitimate business to provide you with an excellent service.

What payment types do you offer?

I have direct deposit facilities to my ANZ bank account and PayPal (subject to a surcharge).

We want to book your services, so what is the booking process and how does it work?

You can simply call me on 0409 621 089 or email me with your enquiry. Have handy your wedding day and date so I can check my availability for you. After that point we can arrange a no obligation meeting at your home to show some physical samples of my work, your printing options and to discuss a package. When you have made your decision to go ahead you need to fill out a Wedding Agreement form (which I will supply to you at our meeting) and post it back to me. I mark your details in my diary so the date is pencilled in as yours. To secure the date I require a $500 retainer payable within 7 days of me receiving the signed agreement.

You can choose to pay in monthly installments to make it easier to pay off, with the final payment due a month before the wedding day. For printed products ordered after the wedding date full payment is required upfront to cover the product’s expenses as well as the time needed to prepare the files. A two month lay-by like payment plan can be arranged for printed purchases over $1000.

Anything we haven’t covered, can I call or email my enquiry?

Of course, contact me on 0409 621 089 anytime or email me on to answer any questions you may have.